This is dish has been trending in Taiwan for the last 15 years. It’s a very recent creation compare to all the other Taiwanese/Chinese dishes. Imagining in a hot, humid summer day, when you have no appetite….Walk into one of the Black Pepper Shrimp Restaurant, ordering yourself a cold beer along with this spicy yummy shrimp dish. Ahhhh…’s like finding an Oasis in the dessert! Fortunately, for all of us who live outside of Taiwan, we get to duplicate this dish easily and bring the Oasis onto our own table! Cheers!
5min Oven Baked Black Pepper Shrimp



Ingredients :
Live Shrimps x 1 lb (live shrimps are preferred but not required)
Green Onion x 2 (cut as picture below)
Ginger x 5-6 slices (cut as picture below)
Ground Black Pepper x 2-3 tbsp
Chinese Rice Wine (or any clear alcohol you have on hand) x 1 tbsp
Salt x 2 tsp
Hondashi (totally optional) x ¼ tsp
Oil x 1.5 tbsp
Live Small Shrimp
Recipe :
1. Preheat the Oven and the pot/pan to 425 F.
2. Trim and clean the shrimps.
3. Mix Ground Black pepper, Salt and Hondashi in a bowl.
4. Once the pot is hot, remove from the oven carefully and bring to stove top.
5. On the stove top, turn to high heat, add in oil into the pot/pan, then right away add in ginger, green onions and shrimps. Stir/Sautee for a few seconds.
6. Add in Chinese Rice Wine, and the bowl of seasoning ( seasoning mix from Step 3), then stir for a few second to make sure it’s all mixed up in the shrimps evenly.
7. Pop the pan/pot back into the oven for 5 minutes.
8. Done! Open up a beer for yourself and enjoy!!!
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