Hi, I’m Chia Chia, and Welcome to my Queendom!

About 15 years ago, I moved from Taiwan to Seattle with my husband, and started my new life as a bi…bi-cultural woman, that is!  Oh my gosh, when I first got here, it was one embarrassing moment to another.  Can you believe that, just ordering a coffee at Starbucks or taking my dog for a walk, could create memories that will last forever? I was “Made in Taiwan,” but after 15+ years in Seattle (and a zillion embarassing stories!), my DNA is now half American.

The thing about me is, I’m an extreme gourmet. I simply can’t and don’t compromise on delicious food, and I am always looking for better! When I was homesick and was missing the smells and tastes of home, I couldn’t find anything in town that would bring me back.  So, I had to figure out not just how to make it, but make it perfectly delicious with substitute ingreidients on my own!

Now, I’m a wife and a “tiger mom” (can’t help it, that’s encrypted in my asian gene! :p) of wonderful boy-girl twins. I am also a hardcore iron HOME chef! 

Currently, we are so blessed to be living in Taiwan and Seattle at the same time.  My kids are doing school in Taiwan so that they can learn the language, appreciate our heritage, and broader their perspectives.  During Summer and Winter breaks, we are in Seattle, enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and the space and freedom to be creative.

What I didn’t expect was that, when we moved back to Taiwan for school, I had reverse-culture shock! Food, life, parenting philosophies are so different, in an amazing way.

This lifestyle inspires me in so many ways, and I just can’t help but want to share what I discovered with you!

With all that gourmet stubborness (and associated calories), living a healthy life style is important to me. Only the highest quality ingredients go into my family’s tummies, and doing Barre3 5 times a week keeps my body humming!

In my Queendom, I’m going to share with you everything that I love:

  • the flavors of Taiwanese and Asian comfort foods
  • The joys of different cultures and lifestyles
  • And the little things, little luxuries that make my day

I hope you will come along on this adventure  with me!  What I will show you is just a foundation for you to create your own Journey to the East!


Blogger, Iron Home Chef, Gourmet

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